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Who Would Build the Roads?

Jul 27, 2017

Net Neutrality is a complicated subject and anyone who tells you that they full understand it is probably lying to you. In this episode, we do our best to break down Net Neutrality and explain it, and then we discuss whether or not we believe it is a good thing.

Jul 20, 2017

Let's talk about your questions concerning student loans, the minimum wage, "the lesser of two evils," and more! We will probably do full episodes on these topics at some point, but this was a fun conversation regardless.

Jul 13, 2017

According to a Harvard professor, Uber can't be fixed, and it's time to shut it down. But why?

Uber proved a lot of the government regulations on taxi services are expensive and unnecessary. Because they bypassed them, they were able to provide cheaper transportation for millions of Americans. For this, the professor...

Jul 6, 2017

We saw a Huffington Post article floating around called "I Don’t Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People".

The article assumes there is only one way to help others. We disagree. So, we decided to pick it...